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New Year New Shows Part 2 📺❤️💋


If you’ve seen my earlier post (check it out here I’ve already highlighted 3 great shows that are starting next week. Did you know there is more? Yes New Year always brings New Shows so todays post is about some more TV that is coming our way in 2018. Enjoy! 😊

Hard Sun Saturday 6th January 2018 9:35pm on BBC1

This 6 part drama is a 6 part pre-apocalyptic crime show. Set in London it follows 2 detectives that are investigating a murder and find evidence that the world will destruct in 5 years, A classified dossier is leaked but the British Government is discrediting this and the detectives are pursued by Security Services who are trying to keep them quiet. If you like murder, conspiracy theories then this is a show for you.

Next of Kin Tuesday 8th January 2018 9pm on ITV

I am very excited for this as I love Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife) and Jack Davenport (This Life). We get to follow Mona and her husband Guy as a bomb goes off in London at the same time her brother is abducted and then murdered in Pakistan. Mona’s seemingly charmed life is then rocked when her nephew Danish (Danny), vanishes from university and is then tied to not just the bombing but his fathers murder. We see how far Mona and family will go to protect their family with I’m sure is a lot of twists and turns. Another fantastic 6 part drama to get stuck into.

Source: ITV Studios

Kiri Wednesday 10th January 2018 9pm on Channel 4

This 4 part drama stars the BAFTA Award Winner Sarah Lancashire as Miriam, a social worker who lives and breathes her job and wholeheartedly protects the children in her care. She organises for Kiri to have an unsupervised visit with her biological grandparents but during this visit Kiri disappears. Suspicion and blame firmly lands with Miriam and we see how she and the families deal with the intense scrutiny from Police and Press and even her colleagues. Very powerful drama and not to be missed.

Source: Channel 4

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋

Sunday Round Up

New & Returning Shows – Sunday Update 📺❤️💋

So sorry it’s late peeps & wasn’t 1 last week life has been busy 😴 here’s my latest though 📺❤️💋

New & Returning Shows

Channel Show Date Time

E! UK Eric & Jessie S3 Thursday 30th November 10pm
TLC UK Hodges Half Dozen Monday 4th December 9pm
Hayu UK Vanderpump Rules S6 Tuesday 5th December
MTV UK Teen Mom OG Wednesday 6th December 7pm
Netflix The Crown S2 Friday 8th December
ITV Through The Keyhole Saturday 9th December 9:50pm
ITVBe Fearne McCann:First Time Mum Tuesday 12th December
ITV Hatton Garden Tuesday 12th December 9pm
Syfy UK The Librarians S4 Thursday 14th December 8pm
Fox UK The Orville S1 Thursday 14th December 9pm
Sky Atlantic The Tunnel S3 (Final) Thursday 14th December 9pm
Hayu UK RHOBH S8 Wednesday 20th December
Alibi Murdoch Mysteries S11 Monday 8th January 2018 9pm
Fox UK Bull S2 Friday 12th January 2018 10pm

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋

Reality TV

ITVBe delivers for Reality TV Fans 📺❤️💋


These days there is all kinds of platforms to watch our favourite shows, Sky/Virgin with their varying packages, monthly subscription services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hayu and then there is Freeview.

Now not everyone has a paid monthly package/subscription so this post is to say hats off to ITVBe for helping Reality TV fans watch their favourite shows without having to wait what seems like forever 😟

Who are ITVBe? Well they are owned by ITV Digital Channels Ltd which is a division of ITV Plc. The channel launched on 8th October 2014 as a Entertainment, Lifestyle and Reality TV Channel. Whilst we have UK Reality shows, Dinner Date and Real Housewives of Cheshire a big draw for me is the US Reality Shows.

ITVBeSource: ITVBe

For November they are not disappointing. If you watch the channel you will have meet this fantastic family. The Chrisley’s are back. Todd, Julie, Nanny Faye and kids are starting back with S4 on Wednesday 8th November at 10pm Chrisley Knows Best. They get up to allsorts of shenanigans and have to say Nanny Faye is a firm favourite. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Then S2 Real Housewives of Potomac Sunday 12th November at 9pm. This is great news as it only finished airing in US July this year so we haven’t had to wait too long. Whilst S1 seemed to get mixed reviews from my fellow Reality TV addicts I have watched S2 (on Hayu sorry not sorry I couldn’t wait!) I really enjoyed watching the etiquette talk is not as much as S1 and the addition of new Housewife, Monique Samuels is definitely a good one.

Now this next show I really do take my hat 🎩 off to ITVBe. Just finished airing on Bravo at the end of August S9 Real Housewives of New York comes to ITVBe on Tuesday 14th November at 5pm. This will be on weekdays at 5pm so should keep me busy over the coming weeks 😊 I’m very excited by how quick this is airing especially as past history both on ITVBe and ITV2 before this channel launched was always at least a year after US finished the season 😊

Rumour has it the Real Housewives of Orange County 🍊 that is currently airing in the US will air on the channel in January 2018 so fingers crossed🤞🏻 this new tradition of a few months later as opposed to a year continues 😍

Lastly a completely new show Tamara’s World will start on Wednesday 15th November at 9pm. Initially I was confused 🤷‍♀️ as to whether this was a new show or not. Mainly as I recall watching a show on Tamara Ecclestone on Channel 5 last year. So I have confirmed with Viewer Services this is definitely a new show as the Ch5 show was called Billion $$$ Girl.

I know not everyone is a fan of Reality TV 📺 but I do like to have a mix of easy breezy viewing in my life and all of these can suck you into the drama of their lives and friendships 😍

Let me know if you’re going to be watching 📺 Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋




Tonights the night!! 📺❤️💋Scientology The Aftermath is back!! 📺❤️💋

So if you watched Season 1 on Crime and Investigation UK (CIUK) or sister channel, Lifetime UK, get excited peeps as it’s back tonight for a double whammy 2 hours on CI at 9pm!!

Starting with an episode named Merchants of Fear, Leah and Mike continue speaking to those who’ve escaped this religion, cult or whatever you feel it is. I watched Season 1 in shock and sadness that people are so swept up in this. To see grown men and women devastated by their experience is sad.

Leah is wanting to get the word out there to everyone to realise how members are treated, the money and time that is invested into it but ultimately if they decided enough is enough they walk away with nothing.

I’ve always been intrigued by Scientology having watched the few programmes that have made it to air. It’s surprising how many Celebrities are involved in it, most seemingly since childhood, so I suppose like Leah, they know nothing else. The individual stories are heartbreaking and you can see why they find it so hard to break away. The thought of not being able to communicate or see family and friends it definitely something that will make you think twice.

I have read Leah’s book, Troublemaker, a highly recommended read to understand her and why it took so long for her to disconnect eventually. The fact that her family did too shows what a loving family they all are.

So you know what to do get yourselves tuned into CI Channel at 9pm and continue this journey with Leah and Mike.

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋