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Shows I’m loving 📺❤️💋

As with every New Year we get a January packed with new and returning shows, definitely 1 of the things I ❤️.

Silent Witness has been as brilliant as ever with a much thought provoking storyline in the 2 part One Day that brought the brilliant Liz Carr to the forefront of the show. This show does not disappoint and each round of 10 parters is just as good sometimes better every year.

Four part Channel 4 drama Kiri, has also brought us the intense and controversial topics like Silent Witness. Certainly gets people talking and makes you think of the real issues like these shows have delivered on.

I have tried ITV’s Next Of Kin and watched the 1st episode but haven’t watched the others yet on my planner as I have to be honest, whilst this is shows I’m loving, this 1 the 1st episode didn’t really grab me. Have you watched? I’d love to know your thoughts on this as I had high hopes for it.

Now BBC One’s Requiem, which started on Friday 2nd February was a brilliant opening episode with a great mix of shock, suspense and thrill to make you want to watch more. If like me you can’t wait week by week it is all on BBC iplayer so you know I will be binge watching at the weekend.

People Magazine Investigates on Investigation Discovery (ID) has brought the stories I have read in this great weekly mag to life and gave more insight into the crimes. Have truly enjoyed this and looking forward to watching more.

Just a few of the great shows I have watched so far this year along with new episodes of my faves, How To Get Away With Murder, Chicago Fire and Major Crimes, although still said this is the final few episodes.

What have you enjoyed watching I would love to know drop me a comment I really like knowing what your all watching.

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋