So do we love a reboot??

So over the last few years we’ve had some reboots and comebacks of our favourite shows and I honestly haven’t been that interested in them. Although I do plan to watch the Gilmore Girls – A Year In the Life – once the repeats on 5Star finish! Only haven’t watched previously as I don’t have Netflix!!

One reboot I will be interested in will however will be Sabrina the Teenage Witch!! I loved it and don’t mind admitting I was around my 20’s when I watched it!! I use to record it and binge watch on a weekend when my boyfriend was out!! Although he would sometimes watch it with me! I loved the Aunts and Sabrina and Harvey were such a cute couple!!

So I would love to know what reboots/revivals have you loved and which do you wish they had just left alone!! Let me know in comments!!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch