How do I watch great British Shows outside of UK? 📺❤️💋


When I started my blog last year I only ever thought of a UK audience, understandable really as I’m based in East Yorkshire, UK. However I do know that our great British Shows have a huge audience outside of the UK so how do they get there fix?

Well there is some great streaming services that they can use just ask my friend Pami in Cali! She is currently abandoning all housework to binge watch some great shows on Britbox and Acorn TV.

Between these 2 streaming services they can watch Coronation Street, EastEnders along with Silent Witness and Vera there is such a variety between these 2 services. Starting from $4.99 per month you can get your fix very easily and newer British Shows seem to be added relatively quickly.

So if you follow my Sunday Update and like the sound of the new BBC & ITV dramas you can be sure that US peeps will find them on 1 of these 2 services. I’d love to know if any of the US followers have used either service? Drop me a comment below.

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋