Tonights the night!! 📺❤️💋Scientology The Aftermath is back!! 📺❤️💋

So if you watched Season 1 on Crime and Investigation UK (CIUK) or sister channel, Lifetime UK, get excited peeps as it’s back tonight for a double whammy 2 hours on CI at 9pm!!

Starting with an episode named Merchants of Fear, Leah and Mike continue speaking to those who’ve escaped this religion, cult or whatever you feel it is. I watched Season 1 in shock and sadness that people are so swept up in this. To see grown men and women devastated by their experience is sad.

Leah is wanting to get the word out there to everyone to realise how members are treated, the money and time that is invested into it but ultimately if they decided enough is enough they walk away with nothing.

I’ve always been intrigued by Scientology having watched the few programmes that have made it to air. It’s surprising how many Celebrities are involved in it, most seemingly since childhood, so I suppose like Leah, they know nothing else. The individual stories are heartbreaking and you can see why they find it so hard to break away. The thought of not being able to communicate or see family and friends it definitely something that will make you think twice.

I have read Leah’s book, Troublemaker, a highly recommended read to understand her and why it took so long for her to disconnect eventually. The fact that her family did too shows what a loving family they all are.

So you know what to do get yourselves tuned into CI Channel at 9pm and continue this journey with Leah and Mike.

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋