Fan or obsessive?? You decide!

So I know I have a TV Addiction and I just love to know as much as I can about my favorite shows but am I fan or obsessive? I think a bit of both personally but what about everyone else?

So you are probably wondering what has made me think about this. Well recently I was doing my usual scouting the internet to see what I could find out about shows and I noticed on the Facebook pages a lot of repeat questions!! For example, TLC UK were due to air The Little Couple, it didn’t happen and their response was due to Technical Difficulties. They are very sorry and as disappointed as fans and are working on resolving it. Yet there’s loads of posts asking!! They’ve answered most of the posts individually as well and yet people keep asking the same things!!

It’s the same with the recent season of RHOCheshire. People are asking where’s Ampika, disappointed she’s not in it anymore and just general ranting. However if you truly followed her and were a fan, then in my opinion, you would know she decided to leave the show for new opportunities!! She tweeted it!!

Now I’m not saying everyone has to be as obsessive as I am. However it does annoy me when my Twitter feed is full of questions to the various channels that have already been asked and answered!! Especially when for a few more minutes of actually scrolling and looking you can get the answer!

I’d love to know your thoughts do things like this frustrate you as well or is it just me? Fan or obsessive whichever I may be I think you can find out a lot from a few minutes searching and scrolling on the internet and various Social Media!!

Happy TV Viewing Peeps updated coming soon list coming later today!