Christmas Tag – Getting nearer to the festivities 🎄⛄️

Recently I’ve received a tag into a Christmas Tag by Hilesh over at https://sightswithhsite.wordpress.com

Now if you follow my blog you will know I’m not a really Christmassy person but it would be rude of me not to join in!


I don’t really have a favourite Christmas movie, not something that I watch every year that is. I do however love to record the movies on Christmas24, Channel 5 and other Sky channels to watch over the weekend and Christmas. 📺❤️💋


Maybe a couple of sprinkles but never a full on White Christmas. I have had a White Thanksgiving though. I love to go to New York 1st time was for New Year and it snowed on New Years Day. Since then I have been 3 times for Thanksgiving and I recall 1 was definitely snow as we didn’t know if we would be flying home. Not that it would have been a bad thing to be stuck in NY!! ⛄️❄️☃️


I’ve been in my own home for 6 years it’s just me and the pooch, Tinky, my beautiful Staffy cross Jack Russell and we spend the day snuggled in blankets watching TV and eating what we want. I love it and generally go to my parents on Boxing Day joined by my brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew.



As a huge Mariah Carey fan since my teens it has to be All I Want for Christmas it’s a classic and I just love Mariah.


Nope! Not even on Christmas Day most are usually already at my parents and any I have been given including any Secret Santa’s I’ve done go with me to open Boxing Day.


I don’t really have any traditions like most other than no tree, no decorations and staying home on my own with the pooch on Christmas Day. I refuse to go anywhere now as when I lived with parents I was the designated driver and whilst everyone enjoyed a drink and fun I really didn’t enjoy myself. So now I have my own house I do what I want.


I wouldn’t say I have a favourite I just eat the same over the holiday period as I would any other day or week but as I am not a fan of Christmas dinner I usually have Southern Fried Chicken or Ribs for my Christmas dinner! 🍗🍖


I like giving as I know I’m a difficult person to buy for! I have usually bought that things I want/need myself.


Probably as a child I got presents at that age I really thought were the best but nothing really springs to mind.


Well as per the early question about a White Christmas New York is my dream place to go I love how magical it is even for someone that really isn’t into Christmas I well keep going back as much as I can.



Fail miserably which is why my Mum wraps them all and yes that includes her own, Just to clarify my Mum is as awkward to buy for as I am so she usually gets her present, pays for it and then tells me what I’ve bought her and how much I owe. Usually this is done without my knowledge but it is very hard to find her something.


Again like best present nothing really springs to mind.


Finding all of my brother and mine’s presents hidden on my parents wardrobe!


Time off work!! That is if I have any Annual Leave left which I usually don’t. As I am not a huge fan of Christmas I have been known to work it and could possibly be doing again this year. I work full and part time and my part time place of work is open 24 hours 365 days a year so who knows I could work again this year.

So I hope you enjoyed my answers in this fab Christmas tag huge thanks to Hilesh of https://sightswithhsite.wordpress.com

I’m sure a lot of you have already been nominated so just get involved and let me know when you’ve done it so I can check out you answers.

Have a great Christmas Everyone! ☃️🎄






I admit it I’m not a Christmas 🎄 fan??

So whilst everyone is posting about their excitement for Christmas 🎄 gift 🎁 guides and traditions I feel I need to admit I’m not a big fan of Christmas 🎄 😮

There is no particular reason I’ve never had a bad experience that haunts me I just see it as another month and another day. I also see it more a day for the kiddies and as I’m single with my pooch, Tinky we just chill out all day with blankets and junk food (I’m not a fan of Christmas dinner either!)

I do like seeing all the lights and decorations and went to my 1st Christmas Market in Harrogate last month. I love buying unique gifts for family and friends. 🎁I love watching all the Christmas movies on Channel 4, 5 and Christmas24. 🎥I just don’t get excited by it. 🤷‍♀️

No tree or decorations 🎄are put up and no cards will come from me. I’ve been in my own home 6 1/2 years and I stay home with the dog and we eat and do what we want all day and then I go to my parents on Boxing Day to see the family and torture everyone with me not opening presents all day long. 🎁 My Dad also does this and it drives them crazy 😝

So call me strange, weird or whatever else you can think of but that’s my normal and I’m ok with that 👍🏻

Enjoy your Christmas whatever you do as I’m sure to enjoy mine. 😍


Admit it who was a Dawsons Creek Fan? 📺❤️💋

In my late teens early twenties I was obsessed with watching Dawsons Creek. I loved this show it was fabulous!


We followed their teen dramas and angst wondering if Dawson would finally get the girl he was a little unlucky in love! Personally from the beginning I always wanted Joey to get with Pacey but I think that was more my undeniable crush on Joshua Jackson 😍 Jen was not your girl next door like Joey she brought a different edge with her own dramas and wild child ways.

So the news from Channel 4 that they have added all 128 glorious hours to All4 gets a big thumbs up 👍🏻 from me 🤗 I could watch and watch over again.

If you’ve never watched the show do it regardless of age (I’m 38 now and still ❤️ these teen shows) if you’ve seen get on it and watch again. 📺

Click here for Dawsons Creek

Did you watch? Are you going to watch? I would love to know drop me a comment 📝

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋


Are you addicted to Crime Shows as I am? 📺❤️💋

So there is lots of channels here in the UK that you can get your fix of True Crime stories, there is even a channel called True Crime. I have Sky on my main TV and a Freeview TV in my bedroom. I always find when I go to bed it helps to have the TV on and as it’s usually around 10pm I like to flick through the crime related programs to find something too watch, do you do that?

My 1st go to is CBS Reality they also have some great shows and lots of new have started recently that on occasion I have even gone to bed at 9pm just so I can watch. I love Medical Detectives, Killer Clergy, Scandal Made me Famous and Wives With Knives.

There is some crossover on these channels mainly Snapped seems to be across them but on my Freeview TV I can guarantee CBS Reality (Freeview Channel 66), YourTV (Freeview Channel 72), TruTV (Freeview Channel 68), True Crime (Freeview Channel 60) and Really Channel (Freeview Channel 17). Not all are exclusively Crime shows but all have some great True Crime/Detective shows to watch. Am truly enjoying Cold Justice Season 4 at the moment on YourTV, Double bill from 9pm watching Kelly Siegler and Team try to solve Cold Cases. 👮👮🏻‍♀️

Now if you are lucky enough to have pay-for TV the big daddy channel to watch is Crime & Investigation (CI) – Sky 553, Virgin 275, BT 380 and TalkTalk 328. This channel is packed to the rafters with all Crime related shows however as the channel name suggests the investigation part is amazing and we get a deeper look at some of the crimes/situations they investigate 🔎🔍

Take the recently aired OJ Guilty in Vegas, the show went into more details than things I’ve read plus we got to hear never before aired conversations from the time of the incident. I’ve talked about it previously and love it, Leah Remini’s Scientology:The Aftermath. This never fails to have my jaw drop 😮 in horror listening to peoples accounts. Plus this is were the shocking but can’t stop watching The Jail:60 Days In found it’s UK home. Luckily for Freeview only watchers the 1st 2 Seasons have also aired on Channel 4.

I’d love to know if you watch crime shows and what your favourites are? Drop me a comment and let’s have a conversation.


Tonights the night!! 📺❤️💋Scientology The Aftermath is back!! 📺❤️💋

So if you watched Season 1 on Crime and Investigation UK (CIUK) or sister channel, Lifetime UK, get excited peeps as it’s back tonight for a double whammy 2 hours on CI at 9pm!!

Starting with an episode named Merchants of Fear, Leah and Mike continue speaking to those who’ve escaped this religion, cult or whatever you feel it is. I watched Season 1 in shock and sadness that people are so swept up in this. To see grown men and women devastated by their experience is sad.

Leah is wanting to get the word out there to everyone to realise how members are treated, the money and time that is invested into it but ultimately if they decided enough is enough they walk away with nothing.

I’ve always been intrigued by Scientology having watched the few programmes that have made it to air. It’s surprising how many Celebrities are involved in it, most seemingly since childhood, so I suppose like Leah, they know nothing else. The individual stories are heartbreaking and you can see why they find it so hard to break away. The thought of not being able to communicate or see family and friends it definitely something that will make you think twice.

I have read Leah’s book, Troublemaker, a highly recommended read to understand her and why it took so long for her to disconnect eventually. The fact that her family did too shows what a loving family they all are.

So you know what to do get yourselves tuned into CI Channel at 9pm and continue this journey with Leah and Mike.

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋



Review of Monday Night TV 📺❤️💋


Wow Monday night TV didn’t disappoint! So much great TV it was hard to watch it all but the return of Criminal Minds S13 won out for me! 😊

So what did you watch Criminal Minds like me on Sky Living? The final episode of the gripping Liar on ITV or Freedom, the documentary on Channel 4 about the late George Michael? In all honesty I wanted to watch all 3 but as they were all on at Primetime that’s hard to do so the others are being caught up on as I type.

The opening episode did not disappoint it had everything we have grown to love of the show. Twists and turns and edge of your seat stuff especially going to break at just the right moment when you are holding your breath!! I can honestly say that no Season of Criminal Minds has disappointed me yet, great story, great characters and just the right mix of shock, laughter and feel good moments! Welcome back guys #WheelsUp

Now I’ve just watched Liar and have to say it wasn’t the final episode I was expecting however it has left the door open for a 2nd season which we now know, as confirmed by ITV straight after, is coming 2019. Now I understand that they need to get it planned in for filming etc but they aren’t starting to film till January 2019 so will probably be on the Autumn schedules. In 2years time I think I will have forgotten all about Andrew and Laura and what happened.

Whilst it’s been a thought provoking show and created a lot of discussion 2 years is a long time in TV Land and there is so many great things coming it’s easy to forget the little details that kept us watching. All being well it will be repeated again nearer the time.


Source: ITV Press Centre

Now to watch Freedom saw some great tweets last night so looking forward to it.

Happy Viewing Peeps! 📺❤️💋


Ransom is coming for Season 2! 📺❤️💋


Source: © 2017 NBC Universal.

So this is fabulous news! I really enjoyed Season 1 of Ransom when it aired on Universal Channel. Follows expert negotiator, Eric Beaumont and team help to solve kidnapping and ransom cases. 👮🕵🏼‍♀️

Each episode the team examine human behaviour to solve the case and with some manipulation, clever thinking and sometimes dangerous situations win out! The characters each have their own personal issues to deal with to show a more rounded person, it’s not all work!

I enjoyed all 13 episodes and was hoping for a S2, so was disappointed when it was rumoured to be cancelled but it’s official now that we are getting another 13 episode S2. I am very happy with this news and more so that Universal Channel will be bringing to UK. 😍

This was only announced in the last week so 1 to look out for in 2018 and if you’ve not seen it needs to be watched!

Happy Viewing! 📺❤️💋


Meet The Celebs! 📺❤️💋


So this came up on my Facebook today and reminded me of a very exciting experience! So I have always loved to tweet and I am always sending them to the various channels and Lifetime have always been a favourite!

You can imagine my surprise when 1 day I get a DM from Lifetime inviting me to the Season 2 Premiere of Jennifer Ellison’s Dance Mums. All I had to do was get myself to Liverpool. I promptly booked the time off work and made the arrangements to stay over. I didn’t find out till I was getting picked up in a taxi that it was going to be at Jennifer’s Dance Studio, Jelli Studio’s. I had an amazing night and got photo’s with the Mums and Jennifer as well as an autograph.

I even went home with a bottle of champagne and got some free time before travelling home the following day. It was a totally unexpected surprise and a whirlwind, all happened within a week of finding out! Certainly 1 I will remember and even though I don’t believe they film the UK’s answer to Dance Moms, I would definitely do something like this again!

So have you ever had some unexpected surprise like this happen to you? Been contacted by a brand that lead to a great experience, I would love to know!


Shows I’m excited for 📺❤️💋

Now have some of these air dates check out my latest coming soon post this Sunday! 📺❤️💋

Total TV Addict

So many shows I’m excited for no air dates as yet sadly 😫 but hoping to find out soon!

We know Sky Living is bringing us the new Law & Order show True Crime starting next Thursday at 9pm but what else is scheduled for the coming dark nights to keep us entertained?? Well 1 of my faves, S13 Criminal Minds is back around October time and I love it, Penelope Garcia and Dr Spencer Reid are my  all time fave characters!! Sky Living are also bringing new show The Good Doctor, medical drama starring Freddie Highmore, he plays a young surgeon who has autism. Also coming October!

In November Sky Living will hopefully be bringing S4 Madam Secretary and Scandal which I understand is the final season sad 😭 but I personally think its run it’s course now.

Other shows in October is BBC1’s Our Girl with Michelle Keegan, new…

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So do we love a reboot??

So over the last few years we’ve had some reboots and comebacks of our favourite shows and I honestly haven’t been that interested in them. Although I do plan to watch the Gilmore Girls – A Year In the Life – once the repeats on 5Star finish! Only haven’t watched previously as I don’t have Netflix!!

One reboot I will be interested in will however will be Sabrina the Teenage Witch!! I loved it and don’t mind admitting I was around my 20’s when I watched it!! I use to record it and binge watch on a weekend when my boyfriend was out!! Although he would sometimes watch it with me! I loved the Aunts and Sabrina and Harvey were such a cute couple!!

So I would love to know what reboots/revivals have you loved and which do you wish they had just left alone!! Let me know in comments!!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch