Chase Referral Scheme


Hey everyone i don normally post about referral schemes but I think for anyone looking for some extra money this 1 is worth it!

Chase is large bank that have recently expanded to the UK and using my referral link below and depositing £20 to your new Chase account we both get £20.

Once clinking the link and going through the set up, name/address details, taking photo of ID like passport/driving licence and a selfie! When complete you just need to add £20 and then Chase will do the rest!

As soon as your reward arrives you can then transfer to your account.

Any questions please ask if the referral link doesn’t work you can manually add the code in the Chase app. Code is AYaqSPqZ

So what are you waiting for?

Hey, want to join me at Chase UK? We’ll both get £20 when you join and pay in £20. Get started: https://link.go.chase/emNK/refer?code=AYaqSPqZ. T&Cs apply.

Happy Monday!


Sunday Update – New & Returning Shows 📺❤️💋

Latest Update 📺❤️💋

New & Returning Shows
Channel Program Date Time

BBC3 via iplayer We Are Who We Are S2 Sunday 22nd November all 8 episodes

E! UK Total Bellas S6 Sunday 22nd November 9pm

E4 Charmed S2 (reboot) Monday 23rd November 5pm

TLC UK Doubling Down With The Derrico’s S1 Monday 23rd November 8pm

BBC1 We Are Who We Are S1 Tuesday 24th November 10:45pm

Netflix UK The Christmas Chronicles Part 2 Wednesday 25th November

Netflix The Lives of Bollywood Wives S1 Friday 27th November

Sky Crime Murder In Amish Country S1 Friday 27th November 9pm

Quest Red The Butcher Baker: Mind Of A Monster Saturday 28th November 11pm

ITV2 Love Bites S1 Monday 30th November 6pm

BBC2 Great British Christmas Menu Tuesday 1st December 8pm

MTV UK Jersey Shore Family Vacation S4 Thursday 3rd December 9pm (double bill)

Investigation Discovery Twisted Sisters S3 Friday 4th December 10pm

Sky Atlantic Raised By Wolves S1 Saturday 5th December 9pm

Hayu UK Real Housewives of Atlanta S13 Monday 7th December

Sky Atlantic Euphoria Season Special Monday 7th December 9pm

Sky Atlantic Tin Star: Liverpool S3 Thursday 10th December 9pm

Fox UK Outmatched S1 Thursday 10th December 9pm

Amazon Prime The Wilds S1 Friday 11th December

Netflix Bridgerton S1 Friday 25th December

Sky1 A Discovery of Witches S2 Friday 8th January 2021

Netflix Cobra Kai S3 Friday 8th January 2021

Apple TV+ Dickinson S2 Friday 8th January 2021

Apple TV+ Servant S2 Friday 15th January 2021

Netflix Riverdale S5 Thursday 21st January 2021

Fox UK The Walking Dead S10 Monday 1st March 2021 9pm

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋


Sunday Update – New & Returning Shows 📺❤️💋

Latest Update 📺❤️💋

New & Returning Shows
Channel Program Date Time

BBC3/iplayer Angels Of The North S3 Sunday 1st November all episodes available to stream from 6am

Fox UK Perfect Harmony S1 Sunday 1st November 10pm

W Channel My Kitchen Rules:Australia S11 Monday 2nd November 7pm

Crime & Investigation UK Meet, Marry, Murder S1 Monday 2nd November 8pm

Crime & Investigation UK Murder At My Door S1 Monday 2nd November 9pm

Fox UK Baskets S4 Monday 2nd November 11pm

Hayu UK Below Deck S8 Tuesday 3rd November

Netflix UK Country Ever After S1 Friday 6th November

Sky Atlantic Trackers S1 Friday 6th November 9pm

Sky Documentaries The Vow S1 Saturday 7th November 9pm

BBC1 His Dark Materials S2 Sunday 8th November 8:10pm

Hayu UK The Real Murders of Orange County S1 Monday 9th November

BBC2 Industry S1 Tuesday 10th November 9:15pm

Hayu UK The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S1 Thursday 12th November

Netflix UK The Crown S4 Sunday 15th November

Sky Atlantic The Good Lord Bird Limited Season Wednesday 18th November 2am

E! UK Total Bellas Sunday 22nd November 9pm

Hayu UK Real Housewives of Atlanta S13 Monday 7th December

Sky1 A Discovery of Witches S2 Friday 8th January 2021

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋


What’s Dplay TV app all about?? 📺❤️💋

I know it’s been sometime and no it isn’t an April Fools but I felt in this time of quarantine to talk about a go to app that I use for great TV 📺 😊 think it could be needed!

https://www.dplay.co.uk is a website I use on my iPad however the app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

As a lover of Crime Shows, Quest Red is a go to channel it’s aired some fantastic shows, although late on a Saturday night and because I’ve watched in bed, ended up falling asleep! Not because of the shows though, more because I’m comfy in bed.

There is a fantastic range of programs for you to watch. It’s broken down by channel, Quest, Really, Quest Red, Food Network, DMAX and HGTV or genre and finally show. It also highlights featured, box sets, most popular, new, what’s leaving soon and finally an A-Z.

The Leaving Soon I find very handy to click on before the others to make sure I don’t miss out.

I know BBC iplayer or the ITV Hub will be popular for most people but I just wanted to highlight this little gem 💎 The About Us section on the site has all details of the channels and what number on the different platforms.

Have you used https://www.dplay.co.uk before? What’s your go to genre? I love to know just drop me a comment

Thanks for reading I know my Sunday Updates are regular I will try to get more on track with other posts 😍


TV Addict – Missing In Action but I’m back!📺❤️💋

So August hasn’t been a great month blog wise, other than the Sunday update I haven’t really posted. Due to a couple of factors but most notably I haven’t had the motivation to do it. Honestly I’ve been in 2 minds for most of August to either not renew my plan on 1st September and call it quits or go self hosted.

Whilst I’ve not gone self hosted I have decided to renew my WordPress business plan for another year and will commit to posting twice per week, 1 of which will be the Sunday update as people seem to like that (I hope).

I think if I was going to go self hosted personally I would want to be able commit some more time to it and that is something I don’t really have at this present time. For those that don’t know, I work full and part time and have a gorgeous pooch 🐶 who demands my attention and have to somehow squeeze some of this great TV 📺 in that I love to talk about.

I’ve enjoyed the journey this last year and want to continue with that for sure now, feeling refreshed I hope you continue along with me especially as a new TV season is about to start with lots of exciting shows 😊

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋



New Channel Launching 4th July 📺❤️💋

If you haven’t seen we have a new channel launching in the UK, Paramount is going to be available on Freeview as well as paid for TV. Fantastic that it’s going to be available for all.

The channel will be available as follows: Freeview – 57 (may need to retune), Sky – 159, BT – 57 & TalkTalk – 57.  Promising to bring original series and blockbuster movies, we know they will be airing Marvel’s Agent Carter 8pm on Wednesday, as well as S7 Suits on Tuesday 10th July at 9pm. Good News for those who don’t have Netflix as Dave channel decided not to renew after S6.

Another Netflix show it is known they will be airing is Designated Survivor with Keifer Sutherland, as well as older shows such as Heroes Reborn and Will & Grace.

Hopefully as time progresses we will find out about more new shows 🤩

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋



Channel changes on Sky happening on 1st May 📺❤️💋

If you follow some of your favourite channels on Twitter you may have seen tweets in regards to channel changes from Tuesday 1st May 2018. These changes only affect the Sky platform so if you watch via Virgin, Now or Freeview than you are not affected it is only on Sky that this is happening.

So why is it happening you ask? According to the Sky website this change is to facilitate a new way of listing channels on the TV Guide. There’s a handy guide on the Sky Guide but the main changes are the following:

  • Documentary channels will move up the guide
  • A new section created for +1 channels
  • Duplicated HD/SD channels will move to a new section

Now as you can imagine the list of all channels is quite extensive so courtesy of the Sky website here’s the link to their handy guide Sky TV Changes which has all the changes.

As mentioned takes affect from 1st May 2018 and will automatically be updated on your TV Guide.

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋


The Blogging Journey So Far – 6 Months Today


Today 6 months ago I made the decision to go log onto WordPress and set up a blog. After a long while mull it over I bit the bullet and went for it and shared the info with the Reality TV groups I’m in and they were very supportive.

Whilst I set up my page on 29th July 2017 I didn’t actually really get into doing posts for a couple of weeks and since then I post at least once a week. I have no set Schedule mainly because I work Full and Part Time so it can be when I get the time. I get really pleased with every like, comment and follow mainly because I understand that my posts are niche and TV on the different platforms is not for everyone.

So how have I been doing? Well I’m just enjoying the experience more than the stats but this is me so far:

It’s nice to see the growth in the 6 months and amazes me when I get those Wordpress notifications to let me know you are all interacting.

Where do I see me going? I have no idea I’m just enjoying writing about what I love sharing my Sunday Updates and interacting on Twitter with all you lovely people.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I look forward to your continued support as I continue on this blogging journey!


January Blues 😞


Every January I have always got a little sad, always leaving and coming home in the dark, never want to really leave the house. I would hibernate for the whole of winter if I could, I’m very much a Sun ☀️ Girl 😍

For a number of years now I have taken advantage of my parents renting an apartment in Playa Las Americas, Tenerife and got cheap flights. It’s nice to go see them for sure especially as recent years it’s gotten a longer stay for them. For me it’s a bit of relaxation and sun ☀️ but more so the weather makes me a lot happy for my birthday 🎂 than the usually miserable weather in the UK 🇬🇧

So next Tuesday I will make my trip from Hull to East Midlands (which gives me anxiety no end as don’t like driving in the dark 5am start 😫) for the few days of warmth until I return on Saturday evening. It may only be a couple of days but I love the feel of that Sun and I can’t wait.

In preparation I have been trying to watch all the programs on my planner so I have room to record everything! Whilst the apartment has the standard UK Channels and some Sky Channels and my Dad will watch most things with me ( I did get him into the Real Housewives after all!) my Mum is different, she is very set in her ways with her shows and I have to endure watching Emmerdale and Coronation Street. 📺

I have had my hair chopped as seen above getting rid of some of my long thick locks which is needed as it is so nice and warm. Today I’m hoping to have the boarding passes printed and at the weekend pack my case. I’m always very last minute with this, probably because I can always steal my Mum’s stuff even though she is petite we do take the same size thankfully. Plus the bonus of them being there for 3 months is that toiletries etc are already there so that is also 1 less think to think about.💁‍♀️

So next week if I’m a bit MIA from Twitter and the blog it’s because I’m sunning myself and enjoying beer!

Thanks for reading and Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋


Fangirling Moments 📺❤️💋

I’m a huge Twitter fan and couldn’t think of another platform that allows me to interact more with my TV 📺 obsessions 😍 we follow all our faves on the platform and whilst it’s not always a genuine account those with that infamous blue tick are verified as true and correct.

Imagine my excitement this last week that I have had some true fangirling moments starting with my tweet about Ransom (see post here: Ransom is Coming for Season 2) not only did my tweet get a great response but one of the stars of the show liked, retweeted and followed me. How fantastic I was over the moon 🌛and it gives you such a boost when you get interactions like this. 🤗

My 2nd exciting fangirl moment was relating to another show that I have written about, The Eleven which aired last year on Crime + Investigation channel, see that post here Crime + Investigation – New Show The Eleven   a key person involved in the show Lise Olsen, retweeted my tweet commending the show. 👏🏻 It truly is an eye opener if you get a chance to watch.

Lastly I have wrote about Silent Witness and my excitement of it being back (Silent Witness is back) and have to applaud Emilia Fox and Liz Carr on their interactions with fans. They have totally made some true fangirling moments for Katie and I this week, check out Katie’s blog here Life Withh KT Kinnes.

Have you had some fan girl moments on Twitter or any other platform I would love to know what? How did it make you feel? I know I was totally boosted but they likes, retweets and comments it’s just a fantastic feeling 😊

Hope you keep on checking my blog and here’s to more Twitter fangirling moments, Happy Viewing All 📺❤️💋