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New Shows are coming will you be watching? The Resident & Station 19 📺❤️💋

We love new shows right? Well here’s 2 that I think people will love 💗 starting tonight, Tuesday 10th April on Universal at 9pm we have The Resident. A couple of familiar faces are on the show most notably Gilmore Girls & The Good Wife’s Matt Czuchry. Eye candy position well and truly filled right? 🙌🏻

This Medical Drama aired on Fox in January in US and Matt’s character, Senior Resident Dr Conrad Hawkins, takes a new Dr under his wing. With Emily VanCamp as Nurse Nicolette it seems that Dr Conrad is a bit of a renegade and Nicolette and the team seem to cover??

Will you be watching? Be sure to let me know what you think if you do.


Another new show is a Greys Anatomy spin off, Station 19. Airing on Sky Living on Wednesday 18th April. Set in Seattle this Fire Station is a few blocks away from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Ellen Pompeo, Dr Meredith Grey is not only an Executive Producer of the show but will also be appearing on the spin off too. From what I understand there will be crossover of cast but will this have the same impact of Chicago Fire, PD & Med??? You will have to tune in to find out next week.


Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋

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New Shows on Hayu from Monday 2nd April 📺❤️💋

As a TVAddict 📺 I can totally loose a day or 2 binge watching Reality TV or Crime Shows and the Hayu app certainly hits the spot on both 😊

3 New Shows will be added on Monday and if you follow the blog you will know 1 of them I’m definitely excited about. Season 3 Real Housewives of Potomac, looking at the trailer is on 🔥🔥🔥 plus with Charisse leaving there’s a new Housewife joining the group.

So what else starts Monday? In Ice Cold Blood hosted by Ice T (Law & Order SVU) is for us True Crime fans. Each episode follows true stories with interviews, archival footage and re-enactments. Airing on Oxygen in US and Hayu for UK.

The 3rd Show may have an unusual title, Your Husband is Cheating On Us, what’s it all about? This new show focuses on a play of the same name and follows JD Lawrence, producer & director and his cast as they work and live together in NYC. As you’d expect from a good Bravo show, be ready for drama and shade!

Still wanting more drama after that? Well good news for you Season 10 Real Housewives of New York is back again, the trailer has looked like it’s another good season from the NY Ladies and I can’t wait 😊 On the app from Thursday 5th April.

Do you have the Hayu app? I’d love to know or are you a fan of Reality or True Crime? Comments are always welcome 🙏🏻 Sign up to the free 30 day Hayu trial on their website

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋


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Shows I’m enjoying have you watched? 📺❤️💋

After trying to avoid all the spoilers on Twitter I finally binge watched Sky Atlantic’s Save Me yesterday and wow I loved it. Everything you needed in a great drama/thriller was there. Fantastic cast most notably Lennie James (Nelly) and Suranne Jones (Claire), great storyline – I found it to be full of grit and every parents worst nightmare.

Now I never want to spoil anything for those who haven’t watched (definitely get it downloaded and do so!) but the basic premise is that Nelly and Claire had a baby of which Nelly hasn’t been involved with and Jody is now a teenager and she’s gone missing. This is where the story begins and as we delve into the story it we learn more about Nelly and the people in his live. Definitely shows how a community pulls together in difficult circumstances but also how easily they can break apart.

Written and created by Lennie James (Nelly) and directed by Nick Murphy, production by World Productions (Line of Duty) this is a fantastic Sky Original Production and the news that a follow on season is also happening has very much been welcomed by those that have loved this as much as I did.


Another show I have been thoroughly enjoying is over on Universal Channel. With the final episode of this 6 part mystery drama airing tomorrow night, The Disappearance has been just as gripping. This Canadian drama originally started life as French project but then scripts were changed to English and The Disappearance was born. Boy am I thankful! I have been watching this week by week thanks to the good ole series link on Sky and have been dripped by every episode. It took till the end of Episode 3 before I began to seriously form an opinion on who dunnit and what’s really going on. I found this refreshing as usually I’ve guessed by the end of Episode 1.

What’s the story then I hear you ask? Anthony suddenly disappears on his 10th birthday treasure hunt. His family are devastated and immediately start searching for him however time progresses and the longer Anthony is missing we find the family are keeping secrets. As these secrets come to light do they hold the key to finding him? Hopefully it will all be wrapped up in the final episode tomorrow as I need to know. Have truly enjoyed this drama and again it has been great storyline and cast.

Have you watched either of these shows I’d love you to drop me a comment and let me know? If not I highly recommend you do.

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋

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Gone – New Show on Universal Channel 📺❤️💋

E16F60C6-3D68-41C7-AF4C-32CAF7BCA5A1.jpegUniversal has some great shows have you been watching The Disappearance? 4 Episodes in and I am totally loving it you really need to get on it if you haven’t seen 😊 highly recommend.

Tonight we kick off with another US import, Gone so what’s it all about you ask? Well it’s all about Kit ‘Kick’ Lannigan, played by Leven Rambin (True Detective) who is the survivor of a child abduction case and FBI Agent, Frank Novak, played by Chris Noth who had rescued her.

The story starts years later with a grown up ‘Kick’ who has developed an expertise in self-defence, recruited by Frank to join a task force he has set up to solve missing persons and abduction cases. Sounds fabulous doesn’t it?? Danny Pino (Cold Case), plays John Bishop a former military intelligence officer and they use their experiences to find and bring these missing people home.

It’s a great cast and I love the idea of the storylines one of the main reasons I loved Danny Pino’s previous show, Cold Case, is because I enjoyed them delving into the case to figure out what had happened.

So as mentioned it starts tonight at 9pm on Universal and it’s series linked on my Sky planner! Will you be watching? I’d love to know, drop me a comment 😍

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋



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The Ruth Ellis Files: A Very British Crime Story 📺❤️💋


Tuesday 13th March brings us a 3 Part Documentary on BBC4. Over 3 nights next week, Tuesday – Thursday this documentary looks at the story of Ruth Ellis.

Who is Ruth Ellis you ask? Well she was the last woman to be hanged in Britain in July 1955. Gillian Pachter, filmmaker, has decided to re-examine the case, the murder of her lover David Blakely.

They examine the original police investigation, the relationship between Ruth and David, especially as the glamorous peroxide blonde was deemed to be brassy and David in a different social circle to her. Over the 3 episodes they look into it all including the trial.

Only a few months after the murder, Ruth was hanged but on what evidence? It wasn’t established where she had gotten the .38 Smith and Wesson. The only alleged witness her son wasn’t questioned and has since passed in the 1980’s. No other suspects were even considered at the time.

Had this happened many years later with the forensics available now and an overall better understanding of human behaviour would it still have been the same outcome?

I will definitely be watching this I love old cases being reviewed. It’s an intriguing story and we even get to hear recordings from the time. Will you be watching I’d love to know? I believe it will also be available on BBC iplayer

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋


New Shows

New Shows – Save Me & The Assassination of Gianni Versace 📺❤️💋

So tonight we have 2 great new shows starting for us to get stuck into and I am certainly looking forward to both. 😊

Save Me is a new show for Sky Atlantic starting Wednesday 28th February at 9pm. Starring Lennie James as Nelly who has been on an ongoing search for his missing daughter Jody. His daughter has been missing for 13 years and now he’s accused of kidnapping her.

The great cast also includes Dr Foster star, Suranne Jones and Stephen Graham and produced by World Productions, also behind Line of Duty.

All episodes are available to watch if you can’t wait for the 6 episodes.


The next show that starts tonight is The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. From the same people behind The People vs OJ Simpson, executive produced by Ryan Murphy (Glee).

9 Episodes in total it will look at the murder of Gianni Versace on July 15th 1997. Another stellar cast Glee’s Darren Criss as Andrew Cunanan and Penelope Cruz as Donatella.

Hopefully all episodes will be on BBC iplayer. This also starts at 9pm.


Will you be watching? I for certain have them on my planner to record as I like to save a few for a binge watch! Drop me a comment if you do I’d love to know what you think 🤔

Happy Viewing 📺❤️📺

New Shows

Will you be watching these new shows? 📺❤️💋

I love 💗  new shows and we have some more coming up but if you are unsure what they are about I thought I would do a little run down for you!

So lets start with CI’s Undercover High. This channel has brought the fantastic The Jail:60 Days In (must watch if you haven’t seen). Similar in style (same producers) as it’s 7 young adults posing as students at a Kansas High School. They attend classes get involved in school activities they get to see what life is like for a high school student. In the same way the participants of The Jail do not know about each other, the 7 don’t know each other and only a handful of school faculty know they are undercover. So would you go back to school? If you want to check it out starts on Wednesday 21st February on CI Channel at 9pm.


Fan of The Big Bang Theory? Did you know it’s back on E4 on Thursday 22nd February at 8pm? Not only is it back it’s followed at 8:30pm by Young Sheldon. This is a new spin off following Sheldon in his early years. Played on the Big Bang Theory by Jim Parsons who narrates this spin off, we meet a 9 year old Sheldon living with his family and going to school in East Texas. It must be doing well as CBS have already renewed it for a 2nd season 📺😍


New 6 part mystery drama, The Disappearance starts on Universal Channel on Tuesday 27th February. I am certainly looking forward to this I do love a good drama and from the trailer it definitely has all the elements to draw you in. 10 Year Old Anthony disappears whilst on his birthday treasure hunt, the family are devastated but as the investigation progresses all the family secrets come to light and they struggle to cope and deal with the situation.


Hope you enjoy these new shows Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋

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Shows I’m loving 📺❤️💋

As with every New Year we get a January packed with new and returning shows, definitely 1 of the things I ❤️.

Silent Witness has been as brilliant as ever with a much thought provoking storyline in the 2 part One Day that brought the brilliant Liz Carr to the forefront of the show. This show does not disappoint and each round of 10 parters is just as good sometimes better every year.

Four part Channel 4 drama Kiri, has also brought us the intense and controversial topics like Silent Witness. Certainly gets people talking and makes you think of the real issues like these shows have delivered on.

I have tried ITV’s Next Of Kin and watched the 1st episode but haven’t watched the others yet on my planner as I have to be honest, whilst this is shows I’m loving, this 1 the 1st episode didn’t really grab me. Have you watched? I’d love to know your thoughts on this as I had high hopes for it.

Now BBC One’s Requiem, which started on Friday 2nd February was a brilliant opening episode with a great mix of shock, suspense and thrill to make you want to watch more. If like me you can’t wait week by week it is all on BBC iplayer so you know I will be binge watching at the weekend.

People Magazine Investigates on Investigation Discovery (ID) has brought the stories I have read in this great weekly mag to life and gave more insight into the crimes. Have truly enjoyed this and looking forward to watching more.

Just a few of the great shows I have watched so far this year along with new episodes of my faves, How To Get Away With Murder, Chicago Fire and Major Crimes, although still said this is the final few episodes.

What have you enjoyed watching I would love to know drop me a comment I really like knowing what your all watching.

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋


New Shows

Spotlight on 5Star – Riverdale anyone?? 📺❤️💋

Image Source: CW

Exciting News People Riverdale is coming this year to 5Star a free to air channel and I can’t wait. 🙌🏻 Not having Netflix, and seeing plenty of tweets on this show I for 1 am intrigued. Whilst there is no date as to when, it will be 2018.

This is great for 5Star they have some gems on the channel and feel it can be overlooked. Last year they aired Lee Daniel’s Star on Thursday evenings and also obtained his other show, Empire away from E4.  They have also shown Gilmour Girls from the beginning and other US teen oriented shows. Now I may be 39 next week but I love a good teen drama 👍🏻📺🍿

So what’s Riverdale all about? An ensemble cast based on the characters of Archie Comics which centre’s around Archie and his life in Riverdale. As with most picture perfect towns we delve into dark secrets. You just know we are going to love it. Season 2 is currently airing on Netflix so we know it’s not a 1 hit wonder. 😊

Have you watched on Netflix? What’s your thoughts without giving any spoilers? Drop me a comment and let me know.

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋


New Shows · Sunday Round Up

Sunday Update – New & Returning Shows 📺❤️💋

Here’s the latest Sunday Update 😍 What are you looking forward to watching let me know 😊

New & Returning Shows

Channel Show Date Time

TLC UK My 4 Wives Sunday 21st January 7pm
BBC1 Call The Midwife Sunday 21st January 8pm
Nat Geo The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman Sunday 21st January 9pm
Universal Major Crimes S6 Pt2 Monday 22nd January 2018 9pm
Hayu UK Summer House S2 Tuesday 23rd January 2018
Lifetime UK Little Women: Couples Retreat Tuesday 23rd January 2018 9pm
Alibi Frankie Drake Mysteries S1 Tuesday 23rd January 2018
5* Extreme Hair Wars S1 Thursday 25th January 8pm
Lifetime UK Project Runway All Stars S6 Thursday 25th January 10pm
Sky Atlantic Blue Bloods S8 Saturday 27th January 2018 9pm
YourTV Behind the Screams S1 Saturday 27th January 10pm
4Music 60th Annual Grammy Awards Monday 29th January 7pm
E! UK Citizen Rose Wednesday 31st January 9pm
Sky Atlantic Gomorrah S3 Wednesday 31st January 9pm
Sky Living Madam Secretary S4 Pt2 Thursday 1st February 9pm
ITV Death Row 2018 with Trevor McDonald (2 parter) Thursday 1st February 9pm
ITV Endeavour S5 Sunday 4th February 8pm
Universal Law & Order SVU S19 Pt2 Sunday 4th February 2018 10pm
Sky1 Jamestown S2 Friday 9th February 9pm
E! UK Revenge Body S2 Sunday 11th February 2018 6pm
Universal Chicago Med S3 Pt2 Sunday 11th February 2018 9pm
National Geographic Air Crash Investigation S17 Thursday 15th February 2018 9pm
TLC UK Dr Pimple Popper Thursday 15th February 10pm
E4 Big Bang Theory S11 Pt2 Thursday 22nd February 8:30pm
Drama Mercy Street S2 Sunday 25th February 2018 8pm
Universal The Disappearance S1 Monday 27th February 9pm
Fox The Walking Dead S8 Pt2 Monday 26th February 2018 9pm
Lifetime UK A Tale of 2 Corey’s Sunday 4th March
Lifetime UK Making A Model with Yolanda Hadid Thursday 8th March 9pm
TLC UK Counting On Monday 19th March 8pm
Drama The Heart Guy S1 Thursday 5th April 9pm
Fox UK Deep State Thursday 5th April 9pm

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋