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Sharp Objects on Sky Atlantic 📺❤️💋

New 8 part drama/thriller Sharp Objects is about to land on Sky Atlantic and the trailer they’ve been airing looks dark and a little sinister right? What’s it all about though? Well here’s my view on this new show.

Sharp Objects is based on the 2006 debut novel of the same name by American author, Gillian Flynn. Now we know her other novel, Gone Girl definitely got people gripped, me included, so on this alone I have high hopes. Throw in the fact it’s been directed Jean-Marc Vallee of Big Little Lies fame, winning all round right?

Amy Adams is the lead in her first major role for a TV series, as Camille, a troubled journalist who has just been discharged from a psychiatric hospital for self harming. Her boss sets her a new assignment which involves leaving Chicago and going home.

Her return to her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri to cover the story of 2 murdered young girls gets her involved in trying to solve the case. She quickly identifies with the victims a little too closely.

As she reconnects with her mother and half sister she realises her other sisters illness and subsequent death wasn’t what she thought it was. Patricia Clarkson is Adora Crellin and in her breakout role, Eliza Scanlen plays Amma Crellin.

Airing on HBO in US on Sunday 8th July with a simulcast on Sky Atlantic 2am Monday morning. This will definitely be a show to watch. Also on Sky Atlantic in a prime time slot on Monday 9th July at 9pm.

My understanding is that as each episode ends on HBO they will do a PSA about self harm and substance abuse. No word if Sky Atlantic will be doing the same.

Will you be watching? I’m recording at 2am Monday and will be watching as soon as I can!

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋


7 thoughts on “Sharp Objects on Sky Atlantic 📺❤️💋

  1. Oh this sounds something as definitely worth to watch! I need to check if they’re showing this here in Finland, before I get too excited about it hah! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

    lots of love, Jasmin

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  2. Why do I feel like I’m in love with this plot already 😍 I love movies and series especially with a dark twist actually, they’re always full of suspense and can have some of the best character roles. I’m a huge fan of Amy Adams and I think this is going to be great, I really loved her and Isla in Nocturnal Animals so I’m glad to have found something recent with her. Thanks for sharing Lisa! Adding it to my series tracker now ❤ 😀

    xx Lena |

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