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Reality Show Renewals – What do we know?? 📺❤️💋

I love my Reality TV and love the fact that having Hayu means I don’t have to wait a long time to catch up on my faves 😍 Recently lots of renewals have been announced and here is what we know.

So let’s start with The Real Housewives, a much loved and watched show, although I understand not everyone likes all of them (I give them all a try!). Orange County will be returning with Season 13, no official word on cast other than Meghan King Edmonds, Peggy Sulahian and Lydia McLaughlin are not returning. Which to be honest if like me you are watching on ITVBe is not going to be great loss.

Now if you follow any of the Housewife peeps or shows on Twitter it was a definite that those Dallas wives were returning having seen pictures of a much rumoured cast trip to Beaver Creek. From the pictures seen we have Stephanie, Kameron, D’Andra & LeeAnne returning, no word on Brandi and Cary but this is just from pictures posted. Possible friend of or new wife Joyce Morrison has been spied but we will have to wait for Season 3.

Now I tried to watch Season 8 RHONJ on Hayu weekly along with the US airing but I’ve got to be honest I found it boring 😴 and I know not everyone is fans of Siggy and Dolores but they were the only reason I kept watching. I don’t really care for Danielle Staub so I wasn’t bothered she was returning. I’m trying again on Lifetime on Tuesday nights but so far have set the series link but not actually watched yet. All we know so far after announcing in December Siggy is not returning.

Seasons 10 of Atlanta and New York are just finishing/starting in US and I believe we are a good way into Season 8 Bev Hills but these are all returning too.

Million Dollar Listing Season 8 currently on ITVBe on weekday afternoons will be back for Season 11 so UK fans we have a couple more seasons too watch. Likewise MDL:NY fans we will be getting Season 7

Having watched Season 1 on Hayu and yet to air on UK TV Southern Charm: Savannah has finally been announced for Season 2 with the new Franchise, New Orleans on Hayu now and the original Southern Charm has recently started in US with Season 5, also on Hayu.

Married to Medicine will return for Season 6 and a new city has been announced, following the move to Houston a new Franchise will be added Los Angeles.

ITVBe have aired a little part of both these shows but if you can’t wait for them to air more Southern Charm and Married to Medicine, yes you guessed it get on to Hayu now!

So that’s all for now peeps hope you love this news and Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋


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