New Shows

New Shows are coming will you be watching? The Resident & Station 19 📺❤️💋

We love new shows right? Well here’s 2 that I think people will love 💗 starting tonight, Tuesday 10th April on Universal at 9pm we have The Resident. A couple of familiar faces are on the show most notably Gilmore Girls & The Good Wife’s Matt Czuchry. Eye candy position well and truly filled right? 🙌🏻

This Medical Drama aired on Fox in January in US and Matt’s character, Senior Resident Dr Conrad Hawkins, takes a new Dr under his wing. With Emily VanCamp as Nurse Nicolette it seems that Dr Conrad is a bit of a renegade and Nicolette and the team seem to cover??

Will you be watching? Be sure to let me know what you think if you do.


Another new show is a Greys Anatomy spin off, Station 19. Airing on Sky Living on Wednesday 18th April. Set in Seattle this Fire Station is a few blocks away from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Ellen Pompeo, Dr Meredith Grey is not only an Executive Producer of the show but will also be appearing on the spin off too. From what I understand there will be crossover of cast but will this have the same impact of Chicago Fire, PD & Med??? You will have to tune in to find out next week.


Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋

8 thoughts on “New Shows are coming will you be watching? The Resident & Station 19 📺❤️💋

  1. I will be watching both actually. I’m hoping that Grey’s doesn’t suffer with Shonda’s focus being on launching another new show. I love a good medical drama so hope the Resident will be good.

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  2. So glad we have another fire drama. Love chicago fire! I have been watching station 19 since the pilot and have to say, loving it. I love how they have 3 female firefighters – rare in firefighter dramas!

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