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Silent Witness is back – New 10 parter coming Monday 8th January ðŸ“ºâ¤ï¸ðŸ’‹

For the last few years January has always had some welcome staples to the TV Schedules and Silent Witness is definitely 1 of those. Starting on BBC 1 on Monday 8th January at 9pm, we see 5 different stories every Monday and Tuesday for the next 5 weeks.

Like Castle that I posted about yesterday (read that here: Castle – A Great TV Show? You decide) I was very late to the party on this 1 I’ve only watched for the last 4-5 years and I’m obsessed. This show has been running since February 1996 and now in 2018 we are starting the year with Series 21! Can you believe how long it’s been running? Not surprising it’s a great show with a great cast. Comprising of Emilia Fox, David Caves, Richard Lintern and Liz Carr, who’s character, Clarissa is definitely 1 of my faves.

So how does this show keep on running after all these years? I think personally for me it is down to the great cast from Amanda Burton to Emilia Fox in 2004 the transition was seamless but also the great story lines with every episode being upto date and relevant.

Have you always watched Silent Witness? I watched it every now and again with Amanda Burton but as said above have only been an avid watcher in recent years. I love the intensity of the weekly 2 parters and also how ongoing storylines carry through the 5 week run.

So comment below will you be watching? What do you love about Silent Witness?

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋


8 thoughts on “Silent Witness is back – New 10 parter coming Monday 8th January ðŸ“ºâ¤ï¸ðŸ’‹

  1. I watched the Amanda Barton episodes on and off. My parents have watched Silent Witness from day one.

    What did you make of tonight’s episode? I’m not a fan of the changes to the opening titles (music etc) but I liked this episode. I’m looking forward to tomorrow night to find out what happened.

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  2. Oh wow, thank you for the recommendation. I really like your blog. I will have to come back here when I need new tv shows to watch. I also see people asking others for opinions on new shows to binge on… but you have the answers right here. I haven’t seen Silent Witness and will most definitely have to give it a watch! Keep up the recommendations. I willl look through and see what else you recommend.


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