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Castle – A Great TV Show? You decide 📺❤️💋

If you haven’t seen Castle before then now is your chance. YourTV, available on Freeview (72) Sky (199) Youview (72) and Freesat (156), are airing the show from Season 1 starting Monday at 8pm.

Castle is a great procedural TV drama with a twist and once you start watching you can’t stop. We follow renowned author Richard Castle as he joins Detective Kate Beckett and co to assist in solving the case of a copycat murderer who is recreating scenes from his Nikki Heat novels.

I was late to the party on this 1 starting a few seasons in on Alibi but luckily they repeated it from S1 and I got to watch it all and I’m so glad I did. Airing in US from 2009 – 2016. 8 glorious seasons to watch and whilst we see the relationship develop between Kate and Rick there is a great ensemble cast with their own intertwined storylines.

Whether it be a re-watch or the 1st watch I don’t believe this will disappoint it has it all, crime, drama, comedy with very likeable characters. Let me know if you’ve seen before or will be watching for the 1st time?

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋

10 thoughts on “Castle – A Great TV Show? You decide 📺❤️💋

  1. I really love Castle. It’s funny as well as being a cop drama. The relationship Castle has not only with Beckett but Espo and Ryan is brilliant. I’m a bit behind the current series on sky but will catch up when we have it installed again in our new house. If you haven’t watched Castle yet do it. It’s really great.

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