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Few weeks ago I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the wonderful Rebecca over at Rebecca’s Reviews check out her blog here: rebeccasreviews.com

When I started blogging I found such a supportive community and everyone is so willing to help you out if you are stuck with anything, need some advice and this fantastic award just shares that love further.

Rebecca has a beautiful blog and is always on hand on Twitter to answer any questions you have and be supportive find her @RReviews_blog

How does it work you ask? Well whoever has nominated you puts forward 11 questions you have to answer and then you make a set of 11 questions and nominate other bloggers for the award.

So here is my answers to Rebecca’s questions.

1. When did you start blogging?

Well I started blogging on 29th July when I set my site up on WordPress but was another couple of weeks till I got organised and creating content.

2. Do you blog full-time or as a hobby?

I blog when I can! Usually twice a week, more if work commitments allow as I work full and part time.
3. What’s your perfect Sunday?

As long as I haven’t agreed to cover in my part time job, I try not as Sunday is my me day 😊 it’s a PJ day catching up on my planner, cuddling with the pooch on sofa 🛋 with lots of blankets. We have a totally lazy day 😊
4. If you could give 3 tips to other new bloggers, what would they be?

Your Blog is for you and no-one else so write what we you know and love as the follows, likes and comments will happen. Don’t follow trends what’s in what you think people will like say true to you.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to post if your schedule doesn’t allow pick it back up when you can.

Enjoy it! You need to have fun and go with the flow.
5. What’s your favourite takeaway?

Oh this is easy Southern Fried Chicken 🍗 all the way I love KFC and this recent advert is brilliant
6. What are your favourite three songs at the moment?

I don’t really have favourite songs as really only listen in Car when I’m driving 🎼🚗 I am a huge Mariah Carey fan though 🎤
7. If you could visit anywhere in Europe, where would you like to go?

I’ve never really thought about Europe I’m still obsessed with America the NY bug has certainly got me wanting to visit more cities.
8. What inspired you to start blogging?

The lovely peeps in the Reality TV group I’m in inspired me to share my love of TV with a wider audience that’s where my Sunday Updates started.
9. What is your fondest memory?

Bloggingwise hitting 💯 WordPress followers and 💯 views in 1 day in the same week back in October.

Lifewise getting the keys 🔑 to my home and feel months later getting my furbaby 🐶

10. What is your favourite book?

I love so many I’ve been an avid reader 👩‍🏫 of books 📚 magazines ever since I learnt to read I can’t pinpoint 1 particular book as there is too many to name 😂
11. Where do you see your blog in 5 years’ time?

I don’t know I take each day and week as it comes and the TV world evolves so much with so many great shows. Just enjoying the journey. Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋

So that’s me, Thanks for reading and Thanks for the nomination Rebecca and I nominate:

Rachel @petite_obsess check out her blog here: http://www.petiteobsession.com/

& Lorna @lornacoleblog check out her blog here: http://lornacole10.blogspot.co.uk/

Your 11 Questions are:

1. Why Blogging?

2. What expectations did you have when you 1st started?

3. What have you enjoyed the most  and least since you started?

4. What is the 1 thing you want everyone to know about you?

5. What’s the best place you’ve visited home 🏠 and abroad 🏖

6. What’s your plans for Christmas 🎄 Day?

7. Do you have any personal and blogging goals for 2018?

8. What’s your favourite thing to do?

9. Who are your favourite people in this world? 🌎

10. If money 💰 was no object what would you do?

11. How will you be bringing in the  New Year?

Happy Hunting New Blogs and Share The Love

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