I admit it I’m not a Christmas 🎄 fan??

So whilst everyone is posting about their excitement for Christmas 🎄 gift 🎁 guides and traditions I feel I need to admit I’m not a big fan of Christmas 🎄 😮

There is no particular reason I’ve never had a bad experience that haunts me I just see it as another month and another day. I also see it more a day for the kiddies and as I’m single with my pooch, Tinky we just chill out all day with blankets and junk food (I’m not a fan of Christmas dinner either!)

I do like seeing all the lights and decorations and went to my 1st Christmas Market in Harrogate last month. I love buying unique gifts for family and friends. 🎁I love watching all the Christmas movies on Channel 4, 5 and Christmas24. 🎥I just don’t get excited by it. 🤷‍♀️

No tree or decorations 🎄are put up and no cards will come from me. I’ve been in my own home 6 1/2 years and I stay home with the dog and we eat and do what we want all day and then I go to my parents on Boxing Day to see the family and torture everyone with me not opening presents all day long. 🎁 My Dad also does this and it drives them crazy 😝

So call me strange, weird or whatever else you can think of but that’s my normal and I’m ok with that 👍🏻

Enjoy your Christmas whatever you do as I’m sure to enjoy mine. 😍

14 thoughts on “I admit it I’m not a Christmas 🎄 fan??

  1. Nothing wrong with that.
    I am not as excited as I once was, after I had a few deaths in the family I kind of fell into a slump. I even stopped sending cards or putting Christmas stuff out. But my husband likes it and since we are starting to entertain family I’ve been getting more into it.
    I don’t go overboard but I enjoy the lights like you and of course the family time.

    Have fun this year with your lil’ pooch!

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  2. Christmas is a time for doing whatever you feel like doing. For me that’s family time but I have a friend who always enjoys being on her own at Christmas (like you she goes to family on Boxing Day) because she can please herself and do exactly what she wants. Get up when she wants, eat what she wants, watch what she wants. I totally respect her (and your) choice, it’s all about being happy after all! X

    Lisa | http://www.lisanotebook.com

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  3. Honestly I’m not a massive Christmas fan either. There are some things i love about it, But there are also a lot that I dislike. When I was younger I used to adore it but i guess as I’ve grown older it’s kind of lost it’s magic. Great post!

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

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  4. Each to their own! I’ve never been mad about Christmas – I’m an only child so as a kid it wasn’t particularly exciting. We always had my nan and grandad round but when my nan died it wasn’t the same. I’m trying very hard to love it more now though xxx

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  5. Your Christmas day sounds like bliss. I hate buying for adults and older children because they all know Santa doesn’t exist, never set foot in a Church !
    Maybe when my grandson makes an appearance , I will get better.
    But secretly I will envy you xx

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  6. Absolutely nothing wrong, I would probably be the exact same if I didn’t have kids 😂 We also hate Xmas dinner so this year, kids have requested Mac n cheese, it’s a little unconventional but hey xx Also, I grew up in South Africa, Xmas cards were just not a thing (probably in part to the awful postal system) so I don’t do those either 😂


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