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Did you hear the news? Sky announces new original shows for 2018 📺❤️💋

Sky Original Programming 2018
Yesterday it was announced by Sky that over 50 original productions are coming our way, yay 😍 I love this news. Above pictures and below statement are from Sky’s website.

Managing Director, Content Gary Davey said: “There’s never been a more competitive time to be in the content business and I’m incredibly excited by the scale, quality and authenticity of the UK TV industry right now. Next year will see over 50 Sky Original Productions on air and over 20 of these will be returners – a testament to the popularity of our shows – and it doesn’t stop there, with our increased investment, the focus for 2018 remains getting even better on screen.”

What does this mean then? Well from what I can see Riviera with Julia Stiles, the best performing original series, will be back on Sky Atlantic for another series. This is good for those that enjoyed but I have to be honest I gave up on this part way through, Riviera wasn’t for me. The Jack Whitehall comedy, Bounty Hunters, currently on Sky One will also be back. This I love as I am really enjoying this and the banter between, Jack, Rosie and Charity’s characters is hilarious. Very good news that this has been renewed. 😍

New Shows are also coming Gangs of London, which I understand is the working title will come to Sky Atlantic in 2019. Set in present day London, it follows the tearing apart of a city controlled by international gangs. Urban Myths: When Bowie met Bolan and Urban Myths: The Dali and The Cooper and lots more. I am sure will come out over time so give me a follow and I will keep you updated.

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋


12 thoughts on “Did you hear the news? Sky announces new original shows for 2018 📺❤️💋

  1. I love how you have became my TV guide 😂 Jack Whitehall is so funny, only recently started watching some of his stuff on Netflix. Have never seen bounty hunters. 💕💕


    1. Haha love it 😍 the Facebook group I’m in a couple have mentioned they no longer need a TV Guide with my updates 🤣 Bounty Hunters has been on a few weeks now on Sky hope you get to see it’s great xx


    1. I love new content certainly brings the competitive edge out in all these varying platforms we all watch on! I am so tempted to get Netflix so much I want to see on it I didn’t think I would like Bounty Hunters really surprised me how much I love it 😍

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    1. Aw Lisa I truly hope they make there way to Freeview for you what shows do you watch? When you aren’t gardening & getting those amazing facts from your beautiful daughter will see if I can give you the heads up xx

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      1. Awwwww ❤ ! I loved Gotham (C5) and The Originals (ITV2 before it went to Syfy, I think). TBH the only show I watch regularly now is The Big Bang Theory, I know it's Marmite but I love it! x

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  2. Me too gutted Ch5 haven’t aired it latest season was rumoured in January but then it got released on DVD apparently but possibly will still air Gotham next year. I’ve never watched Big Bang but Young Sheldon is coming to E4 early 2018!


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