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Crime + Investigation – New Show The Eleven 📺❤️💋

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I’m a true crime fan and will watch a lot of these shows as per my previous post Just lately I have seen a few posts regarding The Eleven and after some investigation have found that it is airing on Crime and Investigation on Tuesday 14th November at 10pm. This is great news and the Sky planner is set.

Now if like me you are wondering what this is about well here it is. A new 6 part documentary following the case been re-investigated, which has been prompted by a confession letter and the work of journalist, Lisa Olsen and retired Detective Fred Paige.

In the 1970’s in Galveston County, Texas 11 teenage girls were murdered and the cases have remained unsolved. The documentary tells the girls story but also link the crimes to Edward Howard Bell, who wrote the confession letter.

Whist he has since denied the confession it is worth noting that Mr Bell is currently serving a 70 year sentence for a completely unrelated murder. This follows them trying to piece together whether he really did kill these 11 girls.

So we you been watching The Eleven on Tuesday at 10pm? I sure will be. Find out more on other CI Shows at available on the below platforms. Tweet along while watching @CI they are fantastic at replying


Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋

17 thoughts on “Crime + Investigation – New Show The Eleven 📺❤️💋

  1. Like you, I’m always intrigued as to how they piece everything together, it makes for quite gripping viewing. Sadly we don’t have satellite or Netflix so I’m a bit restricted. I’ll have to wait until it comes to good old Freeview!

    Lisa |


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