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It’s November here’s what I’m excited to watch 📺❤️💋

New month new and returning shows. I love having shows to look forward too and the start of a new month brings that excitement.

I do like a good mix of shows from US & UK dramas, Crime shows to Reality TV 📺 bring it all 😍 so here’s my picks for November would ❤️ to know yours just drop me a comment 😊

Thursday 2nd November Sky 1 is airing new show Living The Dream. Comedy drama featuring well known British TV 📺 staples Philip Glenister and Lesley Sharp. Watch them try to follow their dreams from Yorkshire to an RV Park in Florida will they get their dream life?

Back on TLC UK on Sunday is my fave Long Island Lady Theresa Caputo is back 😊 9pm brings more from the Long Island Medium and her fabulous gift. Now I know not everyone is a believer but I so am and would love too see her on a future NY trip 🙏🏻

Another Reality show but yay ITVBe are bringing a new season of Chrisley Knows Best ❤️ They are a fabulous family and have some really funny moments that make you laugh 😂 especially Faye she’s hilarious 😂 Wednesday 10pm

Universal Channel are then bringing the final season of Major Crimes. I’m hoping this successful show will go out with a bang 💥but I am sad 😔 it’s going to be the last. Monday 13th November 9pm

8592E26B-F741-4CD4-B6B5-2ED1A1EAF500.pngSource:NBC Universal

Now whilst I’ve never got on the train 🚂 Peaky Blinders is back for Season 4. They have added S3 to iplayer from 1st if you need a refresh and S4 starts Wednesday 15th at 9pm.

Another 1 back for it’s final season is Scandal on Sky Living also 15th at 10pm will be interesting to see how it’s all wrapped up 🤔

Finally for November back to Universal Channel for S2 Chicago Med. Now I will be honest I was unsure at 1st on this 1 having been such a huge fan of Fire 🔥 & PD 👮👮🏻‍♀️ however I truly loved by end of S1 😍 Dr Charles is my fave 😍

6CD6C68B-A2EF-4405-B332-CB8B6C6AA06B.jpegSource:NBC Universal

This is just a fraction of the shows coming this month, want to know what else? Look out for the Sunday Update Posts, Latest coming Sunday 5th 😊

Happy Viewing 📺❤️💋

3 thoughts on “It’s November here’s what I’m excited to watch 📺❤️💋

  1. I haven’t heard of any of these shows with the exception of Peaky Blinders, which I will be watching again because Cillian Murphy ❤ It's looking increasingly like I need to think seriously about either a Netflix or a Sky subscription – Freeview just isn't cutting it any more! Looks like you've got a busy catch up time ahead!

    Lisa |

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