Ransom is coming for Season 2! 📺❤️💋


Source: © 2017 NBC Universal.

So this is fabulous news! I really enjoyed Season 1 of Ransom when it aired on Universal Channel. Follows expert negotiator, Eric Beaumont and team help to solve kidnapping and ransom cases. 👮🕵🏼‍♀️

Each episode the team examine human behaviour to solve the case and with some manipulation, clever thinking and sometimes dangerous situations win out! The characters each have their own personal issues to deal with to show a more rounded person, it’s not all work!

I enjoyed all 13 episodes and was hoping for a S2, so was disappointed when it was rumoured to be cancelled but it’s official now that we are getting another 13 episode S2. I am very happy with this news and more so that Universal Channel will be bringing to UK. 😍

This was only announced in the last week so 1 to look out for in 2018 and if you’ve not seen it needs to be watched!

Happy Viewing! 📺❤️💋

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