Meet The Celebs! 📺❤️💋


So this came up on my Facebook today and reminded me of a very exciting experience! So I have always loved to tweet and I am always sending them to the various channels and Lifetime have always been a favourite!

You can imagine my surprise when 1 day I get a DM from Lifetime inviting me to the Season 2 Premiere of Jennifer Ellison’s Dance Mums. All I had to do was get myself to Liverpool. I promptly booked the time off work and made the arrangements to stay over. I didn’t find out till I was getting picked up in a taxi that it was going to be at Jennifer’s Dance Studio, Jelli Studio’s. I had an amazing night and got photo’s with the Mums and Jennifer as well as an autograph.

I even went home with a bottle of champagne and got some free time before travelling home the following day. It was a totally unexpected surprise and a whirlwind, all happened within a week of finding out! Certainly 1 I will remember and even though I don’t believe they film the UK’s answer to Dance Moms, I would definitely do something like this again!

So have you ever had some unexpected surprise like this happen to you? Been contacted by a brand that lead to a great experience, I would love to know!

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