Menendez Brothers – Lifetime Movie & TV Show

So today now that I’ve had some free time (just a little 4 hour shift to go tonight!) I’ve finally watched the Lifetime movie, Menendez: Blood Brothers and new NBC show, Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Brothers,

I’ve read and watched True Crime shows about the Brothers over the years as I do like watching True Crime, so anything like this cover 2 addictions TV and True Crime!!

Lifetime move, Menendez: Blood Brothers definitely focused I felt, on the 2 brothers and how Lyle is the more dominant brother. As with any Lifetime movie they have to fit a lot into a smaller airing time so it’s really hard to dig deep on all aspects of the story. I enjoyed it still!

Now Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Brothers I’m truly excited for!! The NBC Universal show only started Tuesday 26th September in US so for Sky Living to air 2 days later is fantastic!!! It’s going to be 8 episodes in total but will hopefully focus on other True Crime in the future as the Dick Wolf Law & Order franchise is long running!! To add as seems an opportune moment!! Law & Order: SVU is back on Universal on Sunday 8th October 10pm for Season 19!

It’s got a great cast with Edie Falco and Josh Charles (who I haven’t see much since The Good Wife) am assuming from the 1st episode they will both take centre stage with the brothers. Another familiar face will also be appearing, ER’s Anthony Edwards.

So 1st episode has set the feel that we will get their story at a slower pace than the Lifetime movie but only because they have more time to get into it over the 8 episodes. I enjoyed it overall and looking forward to more!!


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