Work Life gets in the way of TV Life!!

So I feel like my TV Life has taken a back seat of late as I’ve had to concentrate on my work/financial life a little bit more!

Over the last few years I’ve had some setbacks with my work life such as redundancy (as recent as January) and with that comes financial stress! So to combat that I’ve taken on a 2nd job. Whilst my set hours will hopefully even out with my full time job from next week I feel since the beginning of this month I’ve worked and slept and not much else apart from the odd hour of TV.

Today I’ve had an afternoon off initially to catch up with a good friend but we had to postpone till Sunday! So I kept my afternoon off and finally those last 10 episodes of Red Rock have been watched! Wow amazing show can’t believe we’ve to wait till Summer 2018 now! Hopefully though the kinks currently in Ireland over S4 will be ironed out an they will have a new set to film!

So last night I noticed that the Lifetime movie I’ve been waiting for, Menendez: Blood Brother is coming Sunday 24th September at 10pm, I saw this before realising when I watched RHOBH today, it was advertised in 1 of the breaks and not only that, there is a new Law & Order too!!

So coming to Sky Living on Thursday 28th September at 9pm we have Law & Order: True Crime and guess what that 1st True Crime is??? Menendez Brothers!! I’ve watched a lot of Crime shows over the years and we all have our own thoughts and feelings about whether they really did it or not so can’t wait for you all to watch and hear your thoughts!! Best news we are getting it 2 days after it’s US airing!

So hopefully next week I will get on track with my TV viewing as haven’t been able to catch up on the Dallas Ladies on Hayu for a while!!

Happy TV Viewing peeps!

2 thoughts on “Work Life gets in the way of TV Life!!

  1. I know the feeling. I have trouble keeping up with all my shows on the ID channel (I love true crime too) because of work. I did see a preview for the Menendez brothers movie. I would like to see it too.

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