Not TV but just as addictive!! Juicetou review


So just a bit different today than my normal TV chat but I wanted to let you know about 1 of my favourite businesses! Sheffield based Juicetou!

I came across them some time back on Twitter as they ran a weekly Sunday competition to win a 3 day detox. Well I love my Twitter and Facebook comps so I, along with many others, entered every Sunday! They also started to do these comps on #FreebieFriday and was lucky enough to win once!

I have also purchased a detox so don’t think I’m just writing this for a freebie! Full disclosure I am getting a detox for writing a review I have to be honest, however even if I wasn’t receiving it I would still write this as I think it’s a fantastic company with great products! They have expanded this year and opened the Juicetou Kitchen and I will at some point get myself to Sheffield to visit!! 159 Gibraltar Sreet, Sheffield if you are planning a visit!

So how does it work you ask? Well it’s 4 juices per day and these are from fresh local produce that’s delivered to you, They offer a 3 or 5 day detox which comes with complimentary lemons, add to your water, as it’s recommended you drink 2 litres per day. I have also tried the alkaline water they offer and it’s great! The information sheet has suggestions to help you plan!

For me personally I suffer with eczema and IBS and the juices and also the charcoal cleanse, Blac, have both helped ease symptoms and now that I know this I have done them free time to time when suffering!

The Juicetou Kitchen opened early this year and they offer loads of meals all prepared for you! What’s not to love want to check them out get to Juicetou.com, follow them on Twitter, Instagram of Facebook. Got a question get in touch they will always help and assist and if you follow on Social Media there is always some great offers being posted!!


@juicetou @Blac_Cleanse @JTUkitchen


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