Anyone else bored with X Factor??

So tonight X Factor is back for its 14th Season but to be completely honest I’m over it!!

The 1st season I watched it all the way through having been a Pop Idol fan! For the years after I skipped the Auditions and started at Boot Camp through to the final and then in most recent years I’ve only watched the live shows. This year I’m just not interested in any of it!!

I don’t really care for the judges it’s too same old! Louis has no real input and doesn’t offer any constructive criticism and as much as I love Sharon her comments have gotten a bit like Louis’ same old. Whether it be Nicole, Cheryl, Mel B or Rita I don’t really care!! Simon was always the judge we all watched for but is 1 judge enough to keep me watching!! I don’t think so!

I think it’s had it’s day now and I watch far too much other TV to loose my Saturday and Sunday evenings from now till Christmas!

It’s not just X Factor, Strictly starts next week and I wonder how it will do without the beloved Bruce Forsyth? RIP to the wonderful Brucie and whilst I know he wasn’t the only reason people tuned in we loved to watch him.

I used to watch Big Brother religiously, I’m a Celebrity (also back soon) every now and again but I’ve now got to the point that it’s either got to have someone that’s a must see or grip me to invest my time when there is some much more good TV! I switched off the recent CBB after around 3 nights!

I would love to know your thoughts have these types of shows after all these years had their day?? Comment below and let me know


7 thoughts on “Anyone else bored with X Factor??

  1. I agree. I used to love the X Factor & watched it religiously. However last year I didn’t watch the final episode until weeks after it had aired! My mai frustration was that the judges seemed to choose all the wrong acts at judges houses (in my opinion) & Louis Walsh is so annoying! Sharon is boring too. I like Simon & Nicole but I’m not looking forward to this season. Think I might actually have an early night! Gary Barlow was good. Would be great to get him and Simon on the judging panel together. I think this kind of show could still work today but they need to really look at the judges and get rid of Louis!

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    1. Louis is just awful Boyzone and Westlife were so years ago!! I think that’s 1 of the reasons I’m not a fan anymore judges little arguments can take over an episode!! I’m currently binging S1 Dr Foster ready for Tuesday!!


  2. I haven’t watched since Leona’s year. I watched some of Alexander’s year too. I think it’s completely fixed!
    My reasons are because my cousin was in Leona’s year. He was in the band 4Sure. They unfortunately had Louis and were kicked off the 2nd week of lice finals. BUT what they don’t tell you is that they have a favourite from the audition process and the artists are tied into a contract after the show for several years meaning they can’t get a recording copy react without paying Simon a LOT of money.

    The only time I enjoy X factor of for the auditions. I love seeing the fools make a fool of themselves and I do enjoy seeing some of the amazing singers too.. BUT most of those amazing singers don’t make it to boot camp. So o don’t even watch that either.

    It’s passed its sell by date now.


  3. I hate how ‘nice’ they are to each other now! Whilst it did get out of hand previously, the decision to remove any drama from the judging panel has resulted in them being devoid of much personality! They could be replaced with 🤖!


    1. They are too ‘nice’ aren’t they it’s not fun for me anymore I’ve seen bits of the repeats but haven’t watched this latest 1! Great comment thanks for sharing ❤️


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