Red Rock delivers the drama!

So for those lucky enough to watch weekday afternoons BBC at 1:45pm is where you need to be! Red Rock is a fantastic Irish drama series and we are grateful that the BBC realised this as well!

Season 1 was just totally epic and now we are half way through Season 2, just 2 weeks left, a bombshell has been dropped! Season 4 which was due to air on TV3 in Ireland in September is on hiatus. Not sure what exactly the reasoning is behind this for drama that has a worldwide fan base although they have it’s due to rescheduling.

The UK is lucky I suppose as we still have another full season to air so hopefully it won’t be as much impact on us but my Irish TV Addicts are gutted it’s going to be 2018 now before they will get their fix!

At 1st I was a little shocked due to storylines that Auntie Beeb was airing weekday afternoons as some in Season 1 & 2 were quite hard hitting but irrespective of that I am glad we get to see! Plus I am thankful for series link on Sky as I wouldn’t get to watch!

Red Rock is a brilliant drama with a great cast and storylines and it just keeps you wanting more each episode. It has everything you need light moments that make you laugh, sad moments to make you cry and gets you on the edge of your seat. Definitely worth a watch and hope ‘rescheduling’ on TV3 doesn’t mean a cancellation.

Red Rock

2 thoughts on “Red Rock delivers the drama!

  1. I’m gutted it’s on hiatus…apparently due to the set being sold on and needing to find a new one. Season 3 was very dark…finding it hard to see how BBC will fit it in daytime TV if I’m honest 🙈

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    1. Ooh thanks for the info Claire as it doesn’t mean a potential cancellation at least we know UK still has another season! I can feel your pain it’s so frustrating when your fave shows are put on hold!
      It did surprise me in S1 it was on in an afternoon but with what they are air the only way it would happen on a night time is once a week & that would kill me!!


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