Not just Reality TV fan! Dr Foster anyone?

My TV Addiction/Obsession isn’t limited to just Reality TV whilst I love the genre and have been a Housewives fan since Season 1 Orange County aired on the now defunct Diva Channel on Sky, I do love a good drama!!

Now I didn’t get on the Dr Foster bandwagon 1st time around but since it aired so many friends and family have commented what a good show it was. So luckily for me those nice people at the BBC are putting Season 1 on BBCiPlayer from Sunday at 12:15am for 30 days!!

Starring Suranne Jones as Dr Gemma Foster who seems to have a perfect life, suspects her husband of having an affair and does what every woman would, do she investigates! Over 5 episodes we get to follow her on the journey of uncovering dark secrets.

I’m looking forward to watching it especially after the great feedback I’ve read and heard and thanks to iPlayer I can catch up before Season 2 airs!! BBC 1 Tuesday 5th September 9pm

Happy viewing!

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