Has the way you watch your fave shows changed?

Has the way you watch TV changed over the years? Mine certainly has! When I was younger I remember the launch of Channel 5 in 1997! It was big deal although Sky had been around since 1990 not many people I knew had it. For us to have an extra channel was certainly a treat!

Around the 2000’s I managed to persuade my parents to get Sky but after many arguments with my Dad (he liked the racing on a weekend I liked Reality TV!) we come to the agreement that they paid for the main package and I paid for multi room! I recorded everything Reality related and more and could be found every weekend holed up in bed watching TV! My little piece of heaven

Just over 6 years ago I purchased my 1st house got my keys and promptly went on holiday for a week!! As any TV addict would do I arranged for Sky to install as soon as I was back in the UK couldn’t miss my TV shows!! Series Link is my best friend I love to save a few shows and binge watch!

Things have changed since then, I was introduced to the Android box and whilst I don’t use it anymore, around a year, it certainly increased my desire to watch more of the US Reality TV that doesn’t always make it’s way to UK. If it does we can be 12+ months behind it airing in the US! The Android box is great but can be frustrating if there no links that you can get to stream or if it needs a fix or updating I’m not that Tech savvy so found it hard to sometimes update but some great videos on YouTube.

Then the Reality TV Addicts dream came along!! Hayu launched in March 2016 although I didn’t take it up until the December, 1 of the downsides of living in Hull is we are limited to a local provider for our internet usage.

Thanks to a lovely link posted by MiC’s Ollie Locke on Twitter I was lucky to get a free 3 month trial before starting the £3.99 a month payment. Whist a lot of these shows will air on E!, ITVBe or Lifetime due to my internet usage availability I have only this year used Hayu more. Definitely in the last 6 weeks as I’ve upgraded my package to 200MB per month!

Currently I still record everything not just Reality, I love the US dramas that come to channels such as Universal, Sky Living, Sky Atlantic and Alibi, I love Crime shows on CI, ID and CBS Reality and not forgetting the great dramas we have had on BBC and ITV! My weekends now are a mix of catching up on the planner, watching Hayu and now I’ve connected the Sky box to the Wifi, Catch Up!!

So has your TV habits changed do you watch weekly or have a binge watch I would love to know!!

2 thoughts on “Has the way you watch your fave shows changed?

  1. I love that you have given a shout out to Hayu- it truly is the best present ever for any reality tv aficionado!

    I’ve got subscriptions to both Hayu and Netflix and mainly watch any programmes I want to catch up with via these streaming services. These days, Netflix UK is even airing programs in conjunction when they come out in the US (e.g. Riverdale, Suits, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend).

    We do have a telly at home connected with Sky but if there is program I want to consistently stay caught up with I will stream it from my laptop


    1. Yes there has certainly been a shift to getting some shows inline with US which I love! Have used Netflix in past but only if it’s a must watch like Making A Murderer or The Keepers!


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