The Dallas Ladies are back for Season 2!!

On Tuesday the fabulous Reality TV Addicts go to Hayu, brought us the Season 2 premiere of Real Housewives of Dallas!! Was is worth it?? Hell yes!!

So since Season 1 ended and Season 2 started filming there has been some drama between the ‘Jesus Juice’ loving Brandi Redmond and Steph Hollman. Certainly made for a tense opening episode especially when they came face to face at Cary Deuber’s party!!So without giving any spoilers away it looks like it’s a drama packed Season ahead!!

Aside from Brandi, Steph and Cary returning we also have the straight shooter LeeAnne Locken!! Whilst going through Anger Management straight off the bat she’s hit with stories being spread about her that seem to stem from Marie Reyes who we met in S1. Am sure we will get to see if the Anger Management works well for her as the season unfolds!!

Tiffany Hendra is not returning for Season 2 but I am led to believe she will make appearances with the Ladies throughout. That then leads us to our 2 new Housewives, Kameron Westcott and D’Andra Simmons! Both living in affluent Highland Park from prominent families and here to bring us a new look at how the other half live!!

Kameron could certainly give 1 of my fave BH Housewives a challenge in the pink dog loving world!! From what we see of Kameron in the 1st episode she seems fun loving and can’t wait to see what she brings including her pink coloured dog food!

D’Andra has a hot husband her words not mine but I don’t disagree!! We see her having breakfast with her Mum who is still controlling the business even though years previous she had said she would hand over the reins!! I think she will do it when she describes herself and her family she comes across as the go-getting type!

Overall episode 1 whilst it came across as tense in parts definitely gave a taster of more to come! Can LeeAnne control her anger, will Brandi and Stephanie make peace, can Cary stay out of the drama or will she be dragged in, does D’Andra finally get her hands on the business and does Kam make dog food pink!! Cant wait to watch it all play out!

Catch all new episodes every Tuesday on Hayu UK!!

2 thoughts on “The Dallas Ladies are back for Season 2!!

    1. It really is!! I honestly don’t think people gave Dallas and Potomac a chance!! I’ve watched all of S2 Potomac on Hayu and it’s fabulous and definitely improved on S1!! 😘


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